Specializing In Tax & Retirement Planning Services.

Experienced, professional and knowledgeable consultation and preparation helping your business have a positive outcome every year.


We want you to save tax dollars. Thus, we review a copy of your personal income tax return to determine the most optimal areas for you to obtain savings.

Comprehensive Tax Report

Now that we have reviewed your tax return, we provide you with a tax report. This report is comprehensive and lists tax saving strategies that you are qualified to utilize.

Planning And Growth

Conclusively, we design a custom plan to suit your short and long term goals.  With a plan in place, we work with you to maintain it and adjust as necessary.


Years Of Experience



Years Of Experience

Figuring out how to contend with a complicated tax code can be a struggle.

How do I know I am benefiting from what the tax code allows?

Is there ways I can legally lower my tax bill?

How do I know I receiving the quality of tax service I am paying for?

How do I remain in compliance?

How do I avoid risk of being audited?

Where do I turn when I have tax questions through out the year?

How do I keep current on my tax situation?

  • Saving Strategies 91% 91%
  • Tax Planning 89% 89%

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That’s why we specialize in providing tax planning services for individuals and corporations.

Our mission is to improve your tax situation and maximize your savings.
We use our proven three part methodology to keep more money in your pocket.

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Full service accounting and book-keeping, personal & business.

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What They Say About TSS Accounting

TSS Accounting helped me to stay in compliance and they keep me on top of the ever changing tax and employment laws. They treat me as an individual, not just an another account and that is important to me.

Barry Truman

I like the fact that I can talk with a member of the TSS Accounting team most any time to resolve an issue or answer a question. A licensed professional that has my back is priceless.
Sue Jonas

Travis and Julie and their team at TSS have been instrumental in our financial review and rapid improvements made over the past year. Their service has been exceptional value for money and has enabled us to reduce wasteful spending. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Tony Spiro

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